Art Show


Students in 5/6 applied their art skills in a variety of creative ways. The art works on display at the recent Awesome Art Show were of an excellent standard.

Bird Art based on Feathers for Phoebe.

Ned Kelly based on Sidney Nolan's artwork.

Self Portraits.

Pot Art

Pot Art

Thank you to all the families that joined us at the wonderful school event.

Grandparent's Day

Thank you to all the wonderful grandparents who came to visit our classrooms for Grandparents Day.

Students shared there learning and playing some spelling and maths games with their grandparents.

Many of the grandparents commented on how much learning the students have completed and how different school is now compared when they were at school.

Father's Day Breakfast

Thanks to all the wonderful Dads who joined us for the fun filled Father's Day breakfast.

The Hall was decorated with lovely Father's Day artwork from all grades.

Happy Father's Day!

Year 5/6 visit the Canberra Zoo and Aquarium

Last week students and 5/6 enjoyed a hands on excursion to the Canberra Zoo and Aquarium. As part of the tour students got to hold a corn snake, feed some fallow deer and an emu named Moo.

Students spent time drawing and observing their chosen zoo animal as a part of this excursion. This then helped them to add further details and annotated drawing to their information report posters.

Year 5/6 Visits the Eco Ernie Science Fair

Yesterday the 3/4 students invited us to come and view their learning in Inquiry. We had so much fun as they shared their learning. The students had created information about different land types. They had a variety of hands on activities such as; find a words, board games, posters, information report and illustrations.

The year 5/6 students were supportive participants and enjoyed participating in all activities.

Teacher Assistants and Inquiry

Some of our Year 5 students have volunteered to become Teacher Assistants on the junior playground. These assistants have been helping to support our younger students and they have received training about first aid from Sharon, the Play Shed from Nat T and how to best support students on the junior playground from Nat H. This is a great leadership opportunity for our Year 5 students which has been very well received by our younger students.

In Inquiry this term we have been learning about Refugee Realities. We have focused on researching what life is like for refugees and thinking deeply on this topic.

As part of this learning:

  • student have completed a research project
  • a group research proposal
  • a group presentation including the creation of a slide show
  • exposure to a variety of picture books and a novel about life as a refugee
  • creating an artwork displaying their understanding of this topic.
Feel free to ask your child about this rich learning experience.

Annotated Diagrams in Reading

Students have been learning how to create annotated diagrams in Reader's Workshop sessions based on their non fiction text. We are getting ready for our excursion to the Canberra Zoo and Aquarium where students will be researching a zoo animal of their choice. During the excursion students will create an annotated diagram of an animal.