So Nice to Meet You - Digital Backpack

it was so nice to meet many of our new 5/6 parents and returning parents Friday morning.
As we discussed, this year promises to be exciting in terms of digital technology. Many parents were keen to get across their child's learning and accessing the digital class room.
Below is a link to the Digital Backpack (our departmental portal). If you press the link to the Classroom it will take you to the Fraser Primary 5/6 Classroom. All you need then is for your child/ren to type in their login and password and you're away.


Digital Backpack

Parent information Slide show


  1. Thank you for taking the time to share your outline of the learning journey. It's off to a great start!

  2. Thanks so much to you all - it was very interesting and informative. I'm so excited about what a great year Emma is going to have! Thank you to all the fabulous 5/6 teachers for giving our kids such a fun, interesting education in a wonderfully supportive environment. You all rock!