Goodbye Term 1

So, here we are. One term down and what a term it's been?
We're so proud of how the 5/6 students have settled in, stepped up and got things done.
Narratives, algorithms, measurement, Australian colonisation, the solar system, reading, spelling, comprehension, swimming, athletics, world indigenous arts, assembly....... and a camp to top it all off!
Next term promises to be even bigger. We have rostrum speeches to prepare and deliver, cross-country and the Year 5s will tackle NAPLAN, and all these will take place in just the first three weeks.
Many parents and guardians we've met with have asked about local high schools. Below you will find the dates for public schools open nights starting early next term. These nights are a great way to find out about and get a feel for each high school and start thinking about which school will best suit the needs of your children.

So from all the 5/6 teachers, enjoy the break and rest up........'cause it's gonna get busy!

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