In the Shadows

Anzac day is the one day of the year when we stop and reflect on the sacrifices made and bravery shown by many Australian and New Zealanders.
One of our students, Grace, went a step further and put 'pen to paper' to write the fabulous, thought provoking poem below.

In the Shadows.

In the shadows where the poppies stayed.
In the shadows where the people were afraid.
In the shadows where the dead people laid.

In the sunshine where the children played.
In the sunshine where the mothers of the injured and dead cried, but still there's hope.

Even though the birds aren't singing and it's pouring down rain. The memories of the brave carry on and live inside those poppies that stayed.
In the shadows and the pouring down rain the memories live on.

I know for us things stayed the same. But for family and friends of the Anzacs things changed.
When a family received a letter their hearts filled with hope. And when they heard bad news cries were heard all around and the families and friends of the brave knew the cries wouldn't end. They knew cries would echo on and be heard throughout the world.

You hear a loud bang that follows on, and on, and on.
As cries are heard and people shout in the distance. You hear pain and then the call is made.
You run. You fall. But now you're a poppy and you're not forced to listen to the cries and shouts.
Each petal on you holds a memory beneath the velvety red.

A treasure is special. A treasure, not a diamond or a jewel.
Not a ring or a necklace. A treasure is someone that will sacrifice their life for yours.
Someone who will fight for freedom and never, ever give up.
Someone that they call an Anzac.

An Anzac means more than a friend because an Anzac will fight for someone they have never met.
That's what a true Anzac is.

The beginning can be the end for some. The beginning is the start of war. When your life depends on every move.
The beginning is after you've decided whether you're going to commit to never giving up. When you've already committed to trying no matter what.
And if the sky turns grey you'll imagine it's blue. And when the grass turns brown you'll imagine it's green.
That's what the beginning is.

As the clouds cover the blue sky a teardrops down your cheek and into your heart.
You know someone you love is gone and is hidden beneath a field of poppies. 
You know although you'll miss them you're going to have to carry on and just keep fighting like the person you knew. Like the brave person they were.

We will remember them. Lest we forget......

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  1. I think that this is an emotional and moving poem written by someone of such a young age. Very impressed and extremely proud.