Times Tables Matters

The students in 5/6 have started working on Multiplication in maths and will be moving on to Division soon.
We've let them know that the best thing they can do to improve accuracy and speed of recall is to practise their times tables. So, we've been completing tables webs and grids at the start of each lesson (which they are more than welcome to complete at home if they have a spare five minutes).
Another fun way to improve is to learn clever songs and rhymes, so.....
Below is a link to a Youtube video posted by a teacher in North America who has created a number of videos of popular songs which he has changed the lyrics to help students learn their times tables.
Have a look, have a laugh, have a sing and see if it helps.
If you like it, look up some of his other songs.

3 Times Tables to Uptown Funk - Link

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