Garden Day for 5/6

On Wednesday 5/6 had a gardening day. We dressed as gardeners or farmers – there was a lot of flannelette shirts, boots and some interesting hats. We even had some whip cracking!

Each of us had the opportunity to work in the garden. We planted a range of vegetables like potatoes, leeks, lettuces, mini cauliflowers and onions. We also planted herbs like mint, coriander, thyme and parsley.

Before we planted we prepared the soil and afterwards we mulched and watered all the plants. We wore masks when mulching to make sure we didn’t breathe in any dust.

When we weren’t in the garden we researched the plants to find out what pests and diseases they are prone to and how to help prevent these. 
We also played a ‘Guess the Herb’ Game. By using our senses we tried to figure out what ten different vegetables and herbs were. Some brave students even tasted some kumquats. One even tricked Mr.A into eating coriander.

We can't wait to try some of our fresh produce soon!!!
OHHHH! Those Kumquats! 

3 Garden Beds - Before!
3 Garden Beds - After!

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