The Future of Education Video Booth

On Tuesday Fraser Primary was lucky enough to have the Future of Education video booth/ideas igloo at our school.

The video booth is part of the Future of Education project and will capture insight, experiences and ideas from the community to inform a policy document about the future of education in the ACT.  

As a part of the project many of our students and some staff members participated by entering the booth and speaking about their experiences with Fraser Primary.

It was both enlightening and entertaining.

Our students were forthright and honest in their responses and we even received some great feedback about our students and their thoughts about the school and teachers.

Below is an email Mr. Deeker received the Thursday after the event.

Hi Mark
I am one of the people on the Future of Education team and I just wanted to pass on some positive feedback.

Reviewing the footage from the video booth that was held earlier this week at your school, it was really striking how supported by their teachers the young people feel - the students consistently spoke enthusiastically about how teachers knew who they were and what worked for them and that they genuinely cared about them.

It was lovely to watch and I just thought you might like that bit of feedback.


Enjoy some happy snaps of the day.....

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  1. omg mr a hi. Tori and i are just casually stalking the blog at 2am. just like to say that me, tori and another friend of ours did this at belcooooooo. I liked the microphones i thought they were cool.