We survived Camp Cooba!

What a blast!  Camp Cooba was a huge success for all, with a big thumbs up from every student and teacher.

All students (and teachers) challenged themselves on a range of activities including:

  • the leap of faith
  • the giant swing
  • the assault course
  • bubble soccer
  • team manoeuvres
  • and of course the mighty gladiator!

We loved the off site accommodation in Berridale and are looking forward to heading back there again next year.  Students enjoyed hanging out with their friends, playing handball and walking down to the nearby oval for a jog with Mr A, game of footy with Miss Rossiter or some impromptu yoga with Mrs Layton during our spare time at the end of the day.  The trivia night was also great fun with the crowd joining in and singing along with the 'guess this song' round of the quiz.

Well done to everyone for your bravery, adventurous spirits, great efforts and behaviour at camp.  Thank you also to our amazing year 5/6 teachers, as well as Mr A (who couldn't resist joining us again this year), Ms Francis and Hayley for all their hard work and great care while we were away.  We also need to give a special shout out to Mr Nicholls, who did all the hard behind the scenes work to organise camp, even through he wasn't able to join us for the fun.

Listening carefully to the safety briefing at the Leap of Faith.

We couldn't have asked for better weather - blue skies every day!

More safety instructions.

The giant see-saw!

The team wall climb on the assault course.

Nice view from up there!

Katniss Everdeen in the making!

More teamwork on the Gladiator course.

"You mean we have to climb ALL the way across that wall?"

Friendly competition!

I can do this!

So can I!

Having a blast in the bubble balls!

Its pretty cozy in there!


  1. Wow! Camp was so fun:) I am definitely looking forward to next years camp.

  2. camp was spectacular!!
    I wish i could do this again! Liz