Food, Glorious Food

We have launched our Health lessons this term with a yummy unit on....FOOD!

As a Fresh Taste School, we are committed to making healthy food and drinks a bigger part of everyday life for all our students.  This includes teaching them about healthy foods, offering healthy choices in our canteen and growing healthy food in our school garden.

Our 'Food and Me' unit included learning about:

  • the five food groups and the nutrients that they provide
  • how the nutrients benefit our bodies
  • how much of each food group we should be eating
  • the 'traffic light system' that help us to make better choices about what to eat
We learnt a lot and were quite surprised about how much of each food group counts as a serve and how many serves of each food we should be eating each day.

Did you know that just one half of a sausage equals 1 serve of meat and we should be eating just 2.5 serves per day?  Or that water helps to carry nutrients through our body, eliminate wastes and manage out body temperature?

Be warned that you child may start monitoring your food intake and suggesting some changes to the family diet!  We are all for healthy bodies and healthy minds...

Showing what we know...

More great work!

Beware of the red foods!

Chrlotte's and Mayah's winning entry for the Fresh Taste healthy lunch pack contained a great mix of nutrients!

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  1. I was very surprised that one serve of chips is only 6 chips. I had a lot of fun learning about all of the servings and all of our teachers made the learning really fun :)