And we're off and racing!

Well, week one has just flown by...

In Unit 3 we have:

  • got to know one another through group work, games and activities
  • established our classroom routines and expectations 
  • organised our supplies and equipment so we can be efficient and productive in our classrooms
  • completed a spectacular science experiment 
  • decorated our room with 'alien art'
  • written a super summer recount to share our holiday adventures
  • designed a sustainable 'dream car', as part of the Toyota Dream Car Challenge (be warned, your child may seek your permission to enter their design in the competition in the hope of winning a trip to Japan!)
  • spent time discussing the great books we borrowed from the library
  • started our class novels
  • leaned some new maths games
  • worked together in teams on our scavenger hunt
  • and burnt off some energy during PE lessons
Phew!  No wonder we are all feeling a little tired at this point of the week.

Teamwork during our scavenger hunt

Checking we have chosen a 'good fit' book in the library

Building our  dream cars with a sustainability purpose

Writing about our sunny summer holidays.


Fraser is a Sun Safe School with policies in place to help protect your child.  Please make sure  your child brings a wide brimmed hat to school every day.  Students without a hat will be asked to sit in the unit shelters to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun.

Parent information session - Thursday 15 Feb at 8:30 in Unit 3


Parent Information Session
Thursday 15 Feb 8:30 am
ACT Police Cyber Safety Visit
Wednesday 21 February  & Thursday 22 February
Swimming Carnival
Thursday 1 March
5/6 Camp
Tuesday 27 March - Thursday 29 March
Progress Meetings
Tuesday 3 April - Thursday 5 April

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  1. I am so excited for camp and the swimming carnival!