"What A Waste"

Our art unit this term focuses on art activism and the influence that artists can have on our community via the messages in their artworks. 

We have viewed art from a number of artists who are concerned about our consumerist society and our immense use of materials that are harmful to our environment and wildlife.

Art with a message

Recycled materials can help to send an important message in our community

We also watched a National Geographic video about a group of artists who traveled to the remote west coast of Canada to see the impact of our use of plastics on the precious landscape and wildlife.  These artists wanted to send a message through their art, that we need to reduce the amount of waste we produce, so that we stop harming our fragile planet and the wildlife that we share it with.

Many students were inspired by these messages and are already starting to take action of their own to collect rubbish from our playground and consider how they can reduce their use of plastics.

Students were motivated and got busy collecting rubbish from our playground

Our art project will be to plan, design and create a sculpture or collage made entirely from recycled materials.  Students will be thinking carefully about the message that they want to send to our community through their artwork.


Your help to encourage your child to collect, wash and bring to school (in a labelled bag) recyclable materials would be ENORMOUSLY appreciated.  Please rummage through your recycling bins and help your child to wash any materials that we could use to create these important artworks.  It is critical that all materials are clean - so no dirty pizza boxes or smelly milk bottles please!


  1. I am looking forward to making our art I think it will look really good.

    1. Aali, I love the way you are always so positive and making lots of thoughtful comments on the blog! Thank you! :)