Federation Fun At The National Museum

Our learning focus in History this term has been on Federation and what life was like in Australian the early  1900's.  As part of our learning we went on an excursion to the National Museum of Australia.

While we were there, we had the opportunity to work with the museum educators to handle and analyse some artifacts (and replicas) from the period.  Students worked hard in their groups to identify what the mystery objects were, what they were used for and what theme they related to - transportation, federation, conflict, sport or the gold rush.  They did some fabulous deep thinking and enjoyed the opportunity to handle real artifacts from the period.

We also spent time in all of the galleries at the museum, with many students making great connections between their in class learning and real life objects they were seeing in the museum.  The Gallery of First Australians also allowed us to look at Australian history from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspective and learn more about the richness and diversity of their heritage and culture.

K-space was also a big hit with students.  They created their own digital robots and then, working in small teams, they ventured through a range of historical periods to complete challenges as they learnt about particular events from our history.

James and Riley heading back in time

Working hard at analysing artifacts

Welcome to K-space! 

Setting sail for New Holland


  1. Wow! Going to the museum was really fun and I learnt a lot.