Hooray for History!

Our History inquiry about Australian federation came to a conclusion this week, as students wrapped up their independent research inquiries.  They were able to choose from a range of topics - The Plague, Sir Donald Bradman, Galipolli, Pharlap or Jandemarra and they had to investigate what contribution their person/horse/event made to the development of our young nation.  Students also had to come up with some additional questions of their own, after they had done some preliminary reading about their topic.  Another requirement was that they had to communicate their findings to their peers and we challenged them to make their presentation interactive in some way.  This resulted in a variety of presentations including interactive posters, a script for a quiz show, some interviews and even a Scratch project

Today students spent time sharing their work with a peer and using a checklist to provide their partner with some feedback.  The buzz in the classroom was fantastic, with everyone enjoying the opportunity to share their hard work and learn about other topics from their peers. 

Check out their great work...


  1. I thought learning about Pharlap was really interesting and fun to see what other people did.

  2. hi everyone hope everyone is still having fun in primary school have as much fun now cause high school is boring.

  3. And also it is me Sebastian Bessey